What do you want the outcome to be? Should you start at the other end?


When looking at root cause analysis, we always consider the outcome first, be it good or bad, then go back, step by step and look at the possible causes. This is often true in many aspects of business and is an essential part of accident investigations too. But what if you started at the other end? By deciding what you want the outcome to be, you should be able to map your journey back to achieve the most positive results.

Of course, the good health of your workers and their overall safety whilst at work should always be your overall goal – your outcome. To achieve this, you need to look at every step of your process or task and ask yourself what the potential risks might be – deciding on which path to take to achieve your healthy and safe outcome – in other words your ‘risk profiling’

One of the most important steps in this decision making process is looking at your training needs analysis – ensuring that all your people (your most valuable asset) are competent, well informed, fully aware and adequately trained. But don’t just assume that it’s the workers on the shop floor who need training – everyone in the decision making process needs to have the right competencies to ensure well-being and safety are at the top of everyone’s agenda.

Chambers & Young Ltd. offer health and safety training at all levels – basic awareness for the shop floor; the newly updated IOSH Managing safely for middle management and supervisors and the new version of IOSH Leading safely for senior decision makers – Directors and CEO’s alike.

Get the best outcome – get the best training.

Sheila Young CMIOSH

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