Work Related Stress

Wake up to bullying and stress!

work related stress

I had the pleasure of presenting ‘The Recognition and Management of Work Related Stress’ last week to my local Safety Groups UK branch in Peterborough. Although this was very well received at the meeting, it did highlight how some major companies are still outside the law when it comes to the wellbeing of their employees. Work related stress, harassment and bullying affects 1 in 6 people in the UK workplace. People affected are not limited to those ‘on the shop floor’ but are also senior directors. Unfortunately, the senior directors and heads of department will often suffer harassment and bullying from their CEO and then cascade this abhorrent treatment to their own direct reports, because they can’t cope themselves. All employers have a Duty of Care to undertake risk assessments – we all know that – but most will avoid carrying out the stress risk assessment until pressurised in to doing so, often because a member of staff returning to work after long-term sick has been advised they need one. When will businesses wake up!

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