Tailored in-house IOSH (thinking) training

Since its launch last June at the H&S Expo in London, Chambers & Young Ltd. have been delivering IOSH Leading Safely across the UK, as not only the first commercial company to purchase this brilliant new course, but one of the very few that specifically deliver this in-house, tailored to meet varying business needs. Clients include UK Government offices; Housing Associations; Global Construction companies; Manufacturing; Off-shore operations; Netherland Holdings; International Gymnasium groups; Water and utilities companies and more,  scattered across the UK, from Cumbernauld, to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, down to London, the East Midlands, Lincolnshire, over to Bristol, up to Manchester, Chester and more. Chambers & Young Ltd. include this new course as part of their ‘safety sandwich’ – the top layer is where senior management sit with the half day Leading safely, looking at the new Sentencing Guidelines, the Modern Slavery act etc. and how these can impact on your reputation, finances and legal compliance. The middle layer is where your management team and supervisors sit, with the three condensed, or four split days for IOSH Managing Safely, looking at hazards and risks in your business, how to audit and carry out risk assessments and investigating accidents in a structured way. A sandwich needs a top and bottom layer to keep together and this is where the one day IOSH Working Safely comes in – aimed at all operatives from any business sector, ensuring that your safety culture (embedded in your Safety Policy) is reflected in your actual safety climate – critically – ‘how things are really done around here’.

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