Safety or saving money –what price a hole in the head?

When the Finance Director proudly says the procurement department have saved the business ‘loads o’ money’ by buying in safety hardhats from a new contact, do you:

A – Congratulate everyone in the department and give out a small pay rise or,

B – Ask the procurement department if they sourced the new hats from a reliable and safety conscious company that test all their hats to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers?

If you answered ‘A’ – you need to look again at the image above. We spend over £50 on safety shoes, but the worst case scenario is a lost toe. Very painful, but it’s not going to KILL you! Cheap hats do. If you take the safety of your workforce seriously, then WHY compromise on head protection – or H&S training for that matter? It doesn’t make sense.

IOSH Leading safely highlights responsibilities for senior decision makers

IOSH Managing safely for middle management

IOSH Working safely for all operatives

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