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IOSH Leading safely

course content and timings

IOSH says …

The course will assist delegates with leadership responsibilities –
1. Senior managers, directors, heads of departments, executives, board members, business owners, chief executives and trustees;
2. Anyone who aspires to these roles;
3. Anyone who wants to share the same language so they can feel confident entering into discussions with people at leadership level

This course aims to help delegates:

• Recognise the importance and value of successful safety and health performance achieved through strategic safety and health management and its integration into business management systems
• Understand the safety and health role and responsibilities of people in leadership positions
• Understand the consequences for leaders and their organisations of failing to manage safety and health effectively
• Plant the overall direction for safety and health in an organisation by developing and implementing policy, with performance improvement as the objective
• Understand the importance of adequately resourcing a safety and health management system
• Understand the importance of monitoring and reviewing safety and health performance to determine the effectiveness of a safety and health management system
The course is based around discussion and self-evaluation, centred on key activities of a diagnostic questionnaire and a two part case study.
Once a delegate has been registered by me, they will be invited to download an IOSH For Leaders app – this gives them access to some online content.
The unique diagnostic questionnaire asks 14 questions on key behaviours of successful safety and health leadership. Delegates are presented with behavioural descriptors for each question and they select the one that best describes them and their organisation. This should be completed before the day of the course to enable me to view the results and run reports. If any delegate decides not to use the app, they will be presented with the diagnostic questionnaire, action planner and personal commitment table in paper format, to use during the course.
The end-of-course assessment consists of a personal commitment (action plan) relating to the diagnostic questionnaire and the learning on the course. Delegates write three actions which they commit to taking.
To receive a pass and the IOSH Leading safely certificate, delegates must attend the whole course, complete the diagnostic questionnaire and complete the end of course personal commitment.

Course timetables:

Option one

Face-to-face delivery – Parts 1-4 takes approximately 5 hours maximum, including 30 minutes lunch and two short breaks
Option two

Blended delivery – Part 1 is completed online in the delegates own time before the training day. Parts 2-4 (with a review of part 1) takes approximately 3 and a half hours, including breaks as above.
Timings are approximate as delegates may choose not to take the full break times, depending on their work load.
Please note: each session must be either 100% face-to-face or 100% blended delivery, clients cannot mix the delivery options for the same days training.

delegates from the first pilot course tell us what they think

For further information please contact me by emailing or give me a call on 07813 778435

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