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What is a safety sandwich?

Three layers,  containing all you need to know about leading safely from the top of your business triangle – this is your senior management team. Now look at the ‘filling’ – this is where your middle management come into their own with their day-to-day management responsibilities. You then need the all important base – your operatives working safely. The trick is to then turn the sandwich  on it’s head. This allows for two-way feedback. Senior management usually drip feed their H&S strategy to the middle – this then feeds to the operatives. But turning your sandwich over allows the base layer to feed back to the middle management who can then ‘enlighten’ the senior team as to how things really are around here! In other words – your safety climate.

IOSH leading safely – the top layer of your unique ‘safety sandwich’ is for all your senior decision makers and for this reason, it’s only half a day out of your busy schedule. 

Then comes the essential juicy and fatter middle layer – IOSH Managing safely for all your ‘people’ managers and those who need to carry out your risk assessments – delivered over three consecutive days.

Last but not least is the vital bottom layer of the sandwich – IOSH Working safely – one day course for all your operatives to ensure they really are ‘working safely’ in your business. After all – it’s your reputation that’s at risk!

 Ensure your team – from every angle and whichever business you are in – takes health and safety seriously and helps to keep you out of the media for failing to protect. All courses are delivered in-house at your convenience 

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