Aggressive Manager 2

Excessive pressure doesn’t add value – stop the negatives and start celebrating success!

No-one likes to be constantly lectured to about what they need to learn, what they need to do and how they should do it. So what’s the best alternative when you have a handful of people who you know need health and safety training but ‘don’t have the time’? Face to face training has many merits, but it’s not for everyone. The majority of your workforce are busy people, with their own deadlines to achieve, but above all, they have their own personal preferences on how they organise their working week. If you want to please the majority and get their buy-in, you need to offer alternatives and empower your people to make their own choices. Learning at your own pace, at a time and place that suits you, has to be the answer – and for you as their manager, no more worries about trying to get them all together in one place on the same day – brilliant!

Eezytrain on-line and blended learning has the answer – here are just a very few examples of what’s on offer:

Safety Management – Boardroom Briefing; Behaviour Change; H&S for Managers

Health and Safety – Food Hygiene; Office Induction; H&S for Retail; Fire Marshal Theory

Medical and Care – Candidate Mandatory Training; Clinical Care; Moving and Handling

All these come with delegate support and a full back-up to enable you to see who’s completed, who has achieved their certificate and how well the rest of the team is doing – and there are FREE courses too!

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