Dropping standards?

We may have dropped our membership, but we won’t drop our standards! The UK are amongst the top ranking when it comes to looking after our most valued assets (our people of course). The EU may have brought into place some additional H&S regulations and risk assessments (such as the 6 pack) but we’re not so stupid as to drop them now we are ‘Brexit’. The UK needs to keep ahead of the game and remain a ‘go to’ country for sensible and sound health and safety advice; impeccable safety standards and appropriate safety training. Many countries outside the EU (such as Qatar) are looking to the UK right now to guide them towards higher standards in the safety and health of their workforce (particularly in light of the 2022 football) and want to find out more about leading safely from the top, managing risks and working safely at all levels – but not forgetting the health and wellbeing of the workforce too. So – heads up GB! We can still be leaders in this field across the globe.

If you are looking for courses that champion change (IOSH Leading safely), or risk assessments and accident investigation for your managers (IOSH Managing safely), or some basic health and safety awareness for your operatives (IOSH Working safely), or want to see what else is on offer to help you – then Chambers & Young is for you! 07813 778435


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