Wake Up!

Do you still have your fingers in your ears whilst singing la la la, or have you woken up to the new Sentencing Guidelines?

They’ve been in force since February of this year and must now be implemented by the sentencing court.

Previously, fines were not ‘hurting’ organisations enough financially, or making them more proactive in preventing harm at work, because the courts only looked at the part of the business that actually caused the harm and looked at your profits too, before coming to a decision. All business owners and senior management are as liable as their H&S Managers and now, all could suffer losses that include prison sentences.

To ensure businesses wake-up to the consequences of non-compliance with the law, fines have increased significantly from an average of £20k – £100k, to ‘unlimited’ amounts and higher custodial sentences. The business will now have all turnover scrutinised, including all those within a ‘group’ and assets considered, along with the degree of possible or actual harm caused. Other considerations are the seriousness of the risk and how culpable the business. This means that, should you find yourself the wrong side of the law in regard to the safety, health and wellbeing of your workforce, then size really does matter – larger businesses could face fines in excess of £50m.

So what are the ‘three ways to make waking up easier’?

1 – Ensure your senior management team – including the CEO – are fully aware of their health and safety responsibilities by attending the IOSH Leading Safely half-day course

2 – For your line managers, the IOSH Managing Safely goes into detail regarding the risk assessment process, accident prevention and investigating and more, delivered over 3 consecutive days.

3 – Your operatives will benefit from the 1 day IOSH Working Safely course, outlining health and safety behaviour at work.

All health and safety ‘wake-up’ courses are run in-house at your convenience by Chambers & Young Ltd. info@chambersandyoung.com 07813 778435easy waking up

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