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So – let’s all move on shall we? (positive vibes kick in, no good thinking ‘what if’ whichever way you voted – and I’m not saying) – because today I was forward thinking whilst at the National College for Teaching & Leadership in Nottingham for the Employment and Skills Summit organised by the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, that’s a mouthful of words!) and very informative it was too. All talking about the skills gap, communication issues, training requirements and lots more for our next generation of workers, in whatever industry they choose to grace us with.  Basically, this is no time to cut back on the training of our young people (I used to be one of those!) – because to increase productivity you need to increase your training and understanding and here in the UK we are very good at it! However – it’s essential to train leaders and managers too – only training operatives is very negative. How can you gain respect and lead by example if you don’t ‘walk the talk’ – ‘manage by walking around’ – show you care about your people? Training is an investment not a cost – health and safety training will also be scrutinised by your prospective clients in any industry before they make decisions about your company. Your safety culture is probably contained in your Health and Safety Policy – you know what to expect from your workforce – BUT – what is the safety climate really like? (in other words, what really happens around here).  H&S is not a ’tick-box’ one size fits all (as in some e-learning) – face to face interactive training sessions not only engages delegates, but ensures that those whose first language is not English have the opportunity to ask more detailed questions, ensuring their understanding of technical terms. The skills gap includes basic H&S awareness at work – they don’t know what they don’t know! If you want to attract, retain and encourage a loyal, safe and healthy workforce, then health and safety training is key. Talk to us – Chambers & Young – about IOSH Leading Safely for senior decision makers, Managing Safely for middle management and supervisors and Working Safely for all operatives – all delivered in-house by a Chartered Member of IOSH at a time to suit your business needs. Now – let’s all move on!

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